Reliable Vendors

In order to get superior quality raw material for manufacturing our wide variety of Expanded Polystyrene, Resin Bonded Fiberglass Wool, Rockwool Insulation Material, Rockwool Slab, Refractory Mortar and other goods, we have made association with reputed vendors in the Indian market. The immense experience and superb reputation of our vendors convinces us that they are best in the industry and trustworthy enough to associate with. While collaborating with the vendors, parameters on which we select them include financial position, price and delivery structure, past performances and capability to fulfill urgent & bulk demands.

Why Choose Us?

Since 1982, our company is manufacturing a huge variety of products such as Rockwool Mattress, Rockwool Pipe Insulation, Rockwool Slab, RP Tissue, etc. that is fulfilling the diverse applicational needs of the customers. The immense experience and in-depth knowledge we hold makes us a preferable name in the Indian market. Other than our rich knowledge and quality products, we are known in the market for:

  • Ability to fulfill client's urgent as well as bulk requirements on time.
  • All the business dealings takes place with complete honesty and transparency.
  • We have a credible image in the market which is made through our years of hard work and dedication.
  • Treat all the customers in a respectful manner and maintain long lasting relations with them.

Infrastructure & Quality

A capacious production house and storing house makes us immensely proud as using these we meet customers requirement of bulk products like Expanded Polystyrene, Rockwool Slab and other products. Both the units are maintained by our experts. From updating existing technology machines to installation of modern machines, everything is handled by our experts.

Being a quality focused company, we are keeping all our eyes on improving the quality of our offerings. We have formed alliances with established companies for sourcing materials and made a quality testing lab in our production house. Quality checking takes place after production and complete assurance of product being right in quality, bundles are made and dispatched.